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After 6 years of deep depression, self-doubt and my unstoppable fight for success, today I can say "It was worth a fight"

Before teaching thousands entrepreneurs worldwide, creating my successful programs & teaching others how to scale their online biz I was desperate, depressed – not willing to get out of the bed.

Scared to open my mouth.
Scared to talk with anyone.

Taught to be quiet. Small. Follow the society.
And of course “What others will say…”


I had many ideas, hopes, and dreams. But I had no confidence and no money to start my business. So I was a freelancer doing my job and saying YES to everything and to everyone. Just a boy who almost meant nothing to the market. 

And when my chance to finally show ideas… I’ve heard… “Christian its all nice, but it won’t work”

Driven by lies like “You need to have a big mailing list, you need a lot of money to start a business and 10k followers to become someone” I was scared to move any step further. 

But I also knew that bills won’t pay themselves and if so many people are successful then why I can’t be one of them?

It will work out soon! - I lied to myself many times.

Even my small successes weren’t enough to beat my self-doubts.

I watched all of the success stories around the world, rich, happy and living their dream life, on social media. 

I signed up for every single newsletter and I tried to follow all of the training but it always took me to point “Hey! You have to buy it to get results”  which I couldn’t afford.

I only had a small website. Unclear offer and half-finished products, blog posts and I used all of the possible social media. Nothing gave me the results. I didn’t want to lie myself and my family once again by saying “it will work out this time”. 

And cause there was not a lot to lose…

I took my last chance...

I never again followed the tutorials and I finally started listening to my own heart. I looked at my desires and dreams.

I found my own voice and even tho I had my self-doubts, without being sure that anything will be fine or will work out I created my first real offer. 

And then it started…

In just 7 days I sold out workshops worth $14.000. And it was just a beginning. In just 5 years I’ve trained over 10.000 individuals, purpose-driven entrepreneurs by my workshops, online courses, and signature coaching programs.    

I cracked the code. Action-by-Action. Step-by-Step.

I understood that the block wasn’t in the circumstances, but in me. I knew that brain exist. But it was the first time when I fully used it. – In a satire and… in a very true way.

I found out that all of the blocks comes from traumas, beliefs, and old patterns that we follow. That are coded into our reality and eventually they become part of our life. Making us think that… this is the ultimate reality.

I understood how the technology of brain works. 

  • I taught myself how to get rid of the unneeded states, crack the codes, clear the traumas;
  • I discovered and taught myself how to crack, shift old beliefs, feelings and patterns and how to shape new;
  • And finally I understood the meaning behind it all that is in our brain. In our mental and cellular system.

It all helped me in creating fail-proof methodoly that I called “The Shaper System” – my own coaching system and program based on brain technology. To teach people how to use their potential to the fullest.

How to find and unlock what’s blocked. How to see life in a very different way. How to shape new beliefs, let go old patterns and design brand new, so that they’ll you to your desired future and achivements.

So now it’s your time. Cause I know YOU’RE READY.
To be…

Free of the doubt. Rich of experience, full of power to move forward and teach others how to use their gifts, fulfill the potential and create a profitable business.

I know that you’re ready and you have all it takes to shift your life. You can now break the chain and your codes.

Stop to struggle with getting more clients & growing your business. Stop being overwhelmed and uplift your life. 

And feel great in your skin, right with who you are today. Feel confident and make your impact.

So are you ready for the first, big step?


Success is not waiting game. It’s action game.

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