How to sell with BENEFITS? – Simple Tip to grow your sales

The more I dig into my clients’ life the more excited I am.
After all of the work, we’re going together I can see how they grow. I’m excited to see how they achieve their dream clarity. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I’m on my highest energy peaks when I see them thriving. It all comes with the benefits that they receive.
Sometimes we just see the very basic level – almost the ground floor of our work. But your clients really need benefits.

Whenever you create any package – don’t just talk about what’s in it but… what your clients will get as their final result after working with you.

  • What’s that you’re really doing for them?
  • What is the ultimate outcome your clients will get after working with you?
  • What they’ll achieve? Don’t just talk about descriptions or how amazing is your offer.
  • What’s the true transformation that your clients are achieving?
  • What’s the real deal with your offerings?
  • How can you make it even more clear for them so that they could feel what are you and your service about even before they start to work with you?

Make it actionable. Connect with their desires and dreams.

Every service that you offer should have one major goal that you want your clients’ to achieve when they buy from you. Always make sure it’s visible for your clients’ that they’ll ACHIEVE “specific goal”. 


You can use this simple formula:

By the end of this program you’ll [have what], be ready with [what], achieve [what] so that [final result].”


Make it easy for them to understand. It’s all about simplicity. You don’t need to use any poetic language or use sophisticated words to impress anyone. It’s about keywords game and of course about the clear and bold message that everyone can understand.

Think about the words your clients may be using when they search for something on Google.

Usually, it goes like this:

“How to…”

“What is…”

“How can I …”

They use questions, easy phrases that sometimes makes no sense for human eye but somehow we still manage to find our desired results in the search engine because of the keywords.

Take action now and implement these tips into your offerings!


Fall is an amazing time to expand your business. Not only Black Friday or Cyber Monday are coming, but it’s also a great moment for all of the business owners to leverage their sales. I bring you some ideas about what you can post THIS fall to leverage your sales and make your feed interesting! 


What 5 things you can post this fall?


  • Get ready with your Fall Social Media Theme

Start with introducing new season (also in sales) to your audience by changing your theme. It doesn’t have to be a whole month. It can be a week, but your goal is to show that this time is special.

You can use sites like to get ready with your graphics and pictures and then get ready with your theme. 


For graphics use PEXELS.COM or UNSPLASH.COM 

It gives your brand this exclusive weekly appearance that will be much different than your branding can be a great sign for your audience that something is going on around your brand.


  • Your Special FLASH OFFER. 

Time to give your audience something extra! Bring them irresistible discount or bonus that they can get only during fall time. Think about your sales strategy. Sales are the time when we can talk about DISCOUNTS and PROMOS. 

Ideas for you, how your graphics can look like:



Create 5 days free series to introduce your audience to the paid product. Use these challenges to teach and inspire your audience. Share valuable tips and strategies. At the end of every video offer them signing up to your strategy call and then close the sale! 

You can also use those as a pre-sale. 4 Videos to educate and inspire, 5th video to pitch your offer! 

Make this series FALL EXCLUSIVE! 


  • Graphics with Coupons and Sales 

You have an easy way to pitch your products and attract more clients to your business with bonuses and extra offers. You can design amazing graphics and use them on your social media profiles. Ideas for your flash sales and promos:

  • Discount Code;
  • Gift Card; 
  • Buy TWO Get ONE Free;


  • Quotes & Inspirational Posts

Don’t get me wrong! Sales are AMAZING, and a HUGE part of our businesses, but you should never the ONLY SALE. If you want to attract more viewers to visit your profile and become your followers and then clients you need 3 types of content:

  • 40% inspiring
  • 40% educational
  • 20% of sales 

Quote cards are amazing examples of how you can easily enhance your profile with not only beautiful designs but also by inspiring your audience. Remember: Facts Tell. Stories SELL. 

Quote cards inspiration:



Your goal is to make your audience RELATE to… when they see quotes, stories, case studies and videos with the events, tales and other, that they can connect with, you gain their trust, and interest! 



  • Take your calendar and schedule from 7 to 14 days to for your “Fall-Time” and be sure to have at least 7 days to prepare everything before starting any promo;
  • Consider all the bonuses, giveaways, promos that you can offer to your audience;
  • Write down 5-10 ideas for content that you can share (stories, videos, posts, blogs)
  • Think of what you’ll be promoting and how!


Now! Tell me in comments, which one you’ll be using this fall?

4 Biggest Online Course Myths

As a course creator, I can’t tell you how many myths I’ve heard over time. Some of them are based on… great marketing speeches and millions of affiliate links. You just purchased $1.798 product and if you want “whole experience” you need to pay $300 more. Know the feeling? Cause I do. 

That’s why I decided to develop my own course creation process. I tested it out with my students and guess what… Our conclusion is… You can create and develop a whole professional online course, with a 5-star design… FREE with a professional platform and payment gates. I’ll tell you about it soon, but now let me bust the myths, so I can introduce the system to you!



This is the biggest bs I’ve heard. Really. Let me be straight with you here, my friend. 

You don’t need to spend a PENNY to create your online course. You don’t need a designer to make it look good. You don’t need to pay your IT guy to write and program the whole platform for you.  My students and I – we use programs that we already had on our computers and we have special templates to design our 5-star insides, workbooks, swipe files (read and learn how to get them!)



You don’t need any tech skills nor design skills. You need around 1 hour a day if you want to finish your whole course in 3 weeks. (By finishing it I mean – outline, design, recording, uploading, platform integration, and sales strategy). And you don’t need to pay for any recording software, microphone, screen sharing etc. 



Well.. nope. In my experience of creating more than 15 group programs, 8 online courses with almost 100 hours of material in total recording, I can tell you – YOU DON’T NEED TO RECORD EVERYTHING AT ONCE. It’s based on what kind of teaching style you decide on. 

So… I have this webinar coming up that you can join and see the whole process behind the scenes! It starts on September 5th at 18:00 CEST (if you want replay you need to register). I’m showing you the whole system – A to Z! Join me here: 



Well, my friend… Creating an online course is a one-time job, and everything that happens around it like your promo, posts, blogs, lives… later are also you READY TO USE programs. Sometimes even paid programs, mentorings, blogs or self-study courses. If you create something one time (following the system from the webinar) you’ll be ready to do it over and over again whenever you like it, without any big efforts. Save your time and energy! There’s no need for you to feel overwhelmed! 

How to Build Your Personal Brand in 2019

There’s always the right time to start building your personal brand. In this blog post, I’m going to show you the necessary steps to actually build your personal brand in 2019.

I like to show and teach step-by-step, it works the best for me, and my followers and clients are also liking it, so here we go! 

I like to drip the building of a personal brand to:

  1. The WHY behind the brand;
  2. The Voice of your brand
  3. Connecting the Dots 
  4. Living the Brand 



Every single day you can see on the market newcomers and new brands. Sometimes when you see their name or even their website, you follow them on social media you’re like “okay, but what actually are they doing?” or “What is this brand about” or “Why this logo is [likethis] and what’s the meaning?” 

So every single confusion that you meet while looking at other brands is a sign that there is a lack of clarity that should be changed! 

You can only create a visible and original brand if you know why you want to create this brand. Why you want to run your blog, your social media, your website or your online shop under this name, using these colors, and that specific logo of your choice. 

“Why” is a game-changer!  It’s a simple question but brings a lot to mind.


So… Why do you want to build your brand? 

  • To make money?
  • To empower others?
  • To have a place for your creative flow experience?

It’s all nice, but we need something deeper. We need something stronger. We need something that will move you. That will give you this power, this vibe and this feeling of “Okay! I want to do it, and I want to do it right now!” 

Think about all of the reasons why you want to create this brand. What I mean by “deeper thing” is when you go to the gym you don’t just sweat and buy a monthly carnet, then work with your trainer. 


What is the truth? 

If you’re going to the gym, you’re also working on your body. Feeling stronger. More powerful – cause you just have more energy daily! You feel more confident, you look better, so you feel better with yourself and you take bigger steps, you become more efficient etc. 


Even if you think that doing the smallest job or something that is BASIC on the very first sight has a deeper meaning for other people. If you don’t know how to answer this question cause it’s just to flat for you – ask people around 

  • Hey! How would you feel if you could get [your service/product]? 
  • How would it impact your life?
  • If you think about [service benefits or products benefits] what comes to your mind?


Or more open and deep questions to understand what is important for other people! This is how you recognize their language and of course, connect with them in a more efficient way. 



I saw so many people trying to be “revolutionary” when building their brands and the finished up with having a brand, website, colors and even the copy that they didn’t like themselves. So they had to invest another portion of the money to do the rebranding. They lost their time thinking about new ideas and how to re-model so they will actually sound like themselves. 


Your brand voice is always:

The words that you use daily. Even if you have a specific one that you use that only you and people that spent some time with you will understand – USE IT! Educate your audience. Soon they’ll realize that [INSERT YOUR MAGIC WORD!] connects with you! 

Is your authenticity. Look, if you want to build a personal brand in 2019, don’t try to act anyone. There’s always too much drama about it and you really… lose your personality. No matter how hard you’ll try, they’ll always be a group of people that won’t like what you do. But the more authentic you’re and you just do your job with a purpose, you’ll connect with people that love what you do. 

They’ll stay with you and bring their friends – and this is the snowball effect.

Voice of your brand is also your personal story, and hey! You don’t need any “HERO-LIKE” story to bring it to life. Your whole experience, life, idea, the inspiration behind creating the brand can be your story. 

We all have some experiences from the past that made us live our lives like this. That had its impact on where we are today. What your existing audience and future clients should know about you? How they’ll know what you do? Why you’re doing what you’re doing? How can you build credibility? How can you connect with them? Here’s where the WHY hits. 

The more clear you’re on with who do you want to work with – the easier it is for you. For this purpose I’ve created “SOULMATE CLIENT ATTRACTOR GUIDE” – where you can go through short training with me so that you’ll understand your audience even better, you’ll create your unique message that they’ll understand and resonate with! + More inside (sales funnel, mindset work and much, much more!) 



You have your own voice now, your brand idea. You’re ready to roll, right? Here’s when your design part hits. By design part I mean your colors, pictures, and phrases and banners and all the stuff that you’ll be using around your social media if you’re willing to put your business there, and all over your website. 

This is the part that belongs to your creativity. You can do it on your own or hire someone. You don’t really have to be an artist or designer to create a beautiful brand, branded pictures or your content. 

There are a lot of free tools like Canva for example, where you can create any kind of graphic that you like, using free pictures from the platform, your own pictures, pictures from free stocks, cause there are some good ones.


My idea for you to start connecting the dots is to follow the rule of 3 and then extend

  • Find 3 fonts that you’ll be using
  • Find 3 colors that you’ll be using
  • Find 3 slogans and shootouts that you’ll be using
  • Find 3 main things like your freebie, low or middle price offer and high-price offer that you’re going to sell
  • Find 3 social media where you’re going to promote your business or 3 places beside social media that you’re going to promote yourself. 

You can use Pinterest boards to create your idea of branding, colors, fonts, etc. Just collect all of the pictures that you want to be inspired by while creating your brand. 

Think about your WHY. 


The questions to ask yourself:

  1. What I want my audience to know about me?
  2. What is the action that I want them to take when they enter my website?
  3. If I’m going to use social media, what kind of impression I want them to have?
  4. If they visit my website what I want them to see? How I want them to feel?
  5. If they’ll ever search my name in Google what should they find? 


And after every single question ask yourself the next “HOW I CAN DELIVER IT” and start creating a plan. Think about all of the possible steps to actually deliver the experience for your customers that you really, really want them to feel. 

Think about all of the steps that you can put into your plan, even the smallest ones. Remember – your plan should have some time frames but please don’t try to do everything within one day. Give yourself space for creativity, for action. 


and the last step 



What I mean by living your brand is… after you’re done with our whole brand outline. After you’re finished with your ideas, creating a plan, you have maybe a mockup of your website, colors, fonts – are you happy with it? 

Do you really feel connected to what you’ve just created? 

Are you happy with how does it look? Are you satisfied with the vision? Can you 100% Identify yourself with this brand? 

Does it match your personality? Is the copy using your language? Is it how you speak daily?

If you can’t connect with your brand you may have problems with finding the ideas what to post, how to connect with your audience.

You see – sometimes when you let someone else create your brand, your copy, ideas for graphics without a vision, your whole brand lose it good vibe! It has nothing to do with you. 


Please understand,

There’s nothing wrong with hiring copywriter, designer, etc, webmaster – cause we don’t need to have all of the skills. But never let anyone take control over your business, your ideas or your brand. They can be your mentors, share some feedback, think about the strategy, but please! Do your research and remember this is YOUR PERSONAL BRAND! Not theirs.

This is your unique way of communicating. This is your unique way of sharing the ideas, sharing your content, making money, connecting with your clients. It is all about how you manage your business. It is all about how do you value and position yourself. 

All of your ideas come from YOUR PERSONALITY – cause this is the JUICE of your brand. YOU. 

Your hobby.

Your ideas.

The way you speak.

The way you dress.

If you do – the way you do your makeup or your hair! 

Your own voice.

Your story.

Your guilty pleasures.

It is all your brand. 

And brands that are transparent always connect the biggest tribes.

WHY? Cause you actually let people connect with you. You’re not making yourself an interweb celebrity, but you’re a person that is here to connect with others. You’re open for communications, emails. This is how we roll! This is how we do it in 2019!

This is your big time now.

It’s time to take action!



Free WORKBOOK Client Attractor.

Discover the way to attract high-end, soulmate clients with ease. Inside the guide, you’ll find a whole training and strategy (just fill in the blanks). It will help you clarify your message, find the people that may become your clients, and share this message with them in a way that they’ll understand it and follow it.

Remember, you’re just one decision away.

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Business Tools that I use:  >> CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE LIST <<

Please share your first 4 steps in the comments below! 

Thank you so much for reading this and I really hope you’ll use some of these tips to build a masterpiece personal brand in 2019! 



How to grow your instagram profile in just 30 minutes a day!

Christian Wynns Business Coach Boss Babe Spiritual Boss Babe Spiritual Girl Boss Spiritual Boy Boss Spiritual Life Coach Teen Life Coach Blogger Authentic Branding Life Coach for women Life Coach for men Life Coach for coaches Life Coach for business owners Business Owner Business Coach for life coaches Boss lady Branding Net worth Christian Wynns Net worth Crisis Coaching Lifestyle Coach Online Courses Courses that convert Courses that sale Creative Business Owner Social Media Strategist List Building Email Marketing Network Marketing

Okay! I know how you might feel. Social Media again… etc. Yeah, Yeah I get it! But…

People who spend most of their time in social media and get no results sometimes are just misguided by too many systems.

What I’ve discovered is that .. during my holiday time I’ve not used Instagram for around 14 days and boom. around 100 people joined (real followers) and my account it growing itself all the time now.



The first lesson that you really need to know and understand is that having 100K+ followers might not be good for your account.


It is said that when you have 10K you have this “SLIDE UP” etc. but let’s be honest. You want people to stay on your profile and you want to connect with real followers. So let me tell you – I was growing my list all the time (30K+ contacts now) and my Instagram still gives me 5figures income each month. I don’t have millions of followers. I care about the connections with the one that I have now.

 The whole system to grow your SOCIAL MEDIA is really easy:

  1. NICHE (easy button in this post!)
  2. OPTIMIZATION (ultra easy button in this post!)
  3. CONTENT (10 minutes)
  4. CONNECTIONS (20 minutes rule)

With this system, you’ll grow your profile in just 30 minutes a day. Isn’t that amazing? Let me tell you more about it all!



This is a group of people that you want to work with. What is so specific for this is that:

  • They’re from a specific brand (ex. real estate, coach, artists)
  • They have specific problems and challenges (ex. lack clients, no idea how to use paid methods, ads are not working, struggle to sell)

If you know what is your NICHE and WHAT ARE THEIR CHALLENGES then you’re a winner here. Your profile should be the ultimate solution. Client Attractor! And I mean it. From the very beginning when they enter your profile they should see “Oh! This is something for me… FOLLOW!”



This is all about making your profile visible. I saw many great profiles but these had their owners names… And their names had nothing to do with their brands or job.


When you start editing your profile, your “NAME” should be your PROFESSION. If you’re a health coach, then it’s a Health Coaching, etc. People looking for someone (Google too!) may have no idea that you exist, right? So they’ll never find you this way. But if they go down in profile list and see “Health Coach” with high-quality profile – then my friend – you got the client! I’ve got a whole tutorial about it in this awesome guide!


PROFILE OPTIMIZATION is a big part of being visible. I’ve created a whole guide for you all about it.


(You’ll stay on this page after you get it. After you’re done with reading this post – please check your inbox ;)!)






In the guide that you got there’s something called PIZZA RULE and you should follow that but let me give you a couple more tips.

  • At least 4 of your monthly posts should touch the biggest pain points of your niche
  • 2 times a month you should publish “I’m ALIVE” post which is your introduction.
  • When posting on Instastories – WHEN YOU START THE TOPIC – FINISH IT the same day. Never cut in a half the story that you’re saying. It’s not a curiosity thing, this is the easy way to annoy your audience.

All of your content is valuable that’s why you should always keep your posts nice and have them in a bundle. I like to open up my Google Docs and write down all the posts ideas, copy and pictures + hashtags. Then I only COPY & PASTE using the tools inside the guide.

With the guide, you’ll also get
with content ideas and editorial calendar. You’ll now get one for March and on 1st April – For April.



And this is the most important part that was a game changer. Connections. What I like to do is spend some time on quality connections. I jump to my niche and potential clients profiles and connect with them. Like their picture and leave a valuable comment. ONLY AFTER I READ THE POST. I never do stuff like “omg so cute !!1oneone”. For me, it’s a BS and it’s like having no respect for the creator.

  • Algorithm sees that I am active and my profile isn’t a bot or spam or just sale;
  • Their profiles grow and people visiting their profiles see my comments and check out my profile;
  • I share the value with others helping them, support and cheering. They just see it works and that’s the way we gain their trust.

Doing it daily on the biggest influencers in your niche, their comments and connecting real people that are commenting theirs and your pictures are the key to create valuable connections, gain your audience trust and grow organically on autopilot every single day.


This is really all you have to do. You can do it for 30 minutes, 10, 15… how much time you have, but… No matter if it’s 5-10 minutes or 30 min. If you post and comment having the quality in mind it will pay you off faster than you can think about it.

 Remember about getting the guide and have a lot of fun with it!



Hey hey! Mailing list or newsletter marketing – as you wish! Is the proven source of great sales. Let’s now imagine that suddenly all social media disappear and all you have is your website… With how many of your viewers and customers are you in touch if they are not on your mailing list?

You see – I didn’t believe it will work for me either until the magical day when I discovered list building – which now – I truly love. Today I want to show you a step-by-step action plan and method to build your own list if you’re starting from zero!


The reason why so many people fail with building their list is, of course, their plan! Or rather… that there is no any.

Building your list plan should be based on these 3 things:

  • Purpose of your list – So how are you going to use it? (Sale, self-promo, inspiration etc)
  • Format – So if it’s just a plain text, blog, or pictures or maybe special graphics format;
  • How often are you going to use the newsletter;
  • What to send (good one, big one – I love this one!)

When it comes to the purpose of your list it’s really that easy. You just need to know why you want to have it. When I first created my list when I was just growing my business I used that to attract more clients with my freebie (STEP #2 ;)!) and gain their trust.

When it comes to Format I use just a text and sometimes some graphics or gifs. The reason why I do it because I am sure there won’t be any SPAM alert and it will work on any device.

HOW OFTEN: It is all up to you, but the consistency is the key. So if you decide (STEP #4! ;)) that you have your blog and you publish it every Wednesday – then you may send your newsletter once a week. I message more when there’s something happening, like a promo or big changes.


  • What is the purpose of my newsletter?
  • On which format I decide?
  • How often I will post and can I stick to it?


This is my fav part! Freebie is something that you give for free in an exchange for your audience email and mail, sometimes just email. But when you get their email – that’s the thing!

Freebie can be actually everything that you can give for free:

  • Free video (10-15 minutes)
  • Free workbook
  • Free guide
  • Webinar
  • Meditation set
  • Audio training
  • Niche report
  • Discount code

And much, much more!

Please – don’t fall into “ooooh! Shiny!” mode when it comes to the freebie. Make it valuable but it doesn’t mean BIG/LONG/EXPENSIVE!

Put the value inside but don’t spend too much time on thinking and creating it cause in the future when your biz and list will grow, you’ll have more than one freebie. If you want to learn more – you can sign up for my free online course “Irresistible List Builder”

You can create 4 steps framework without any interactive and so on. It’s just something simple but touching pain points of your audience. Even if it won’t help them with the whole big problem – they’ll at least get some value from you and that’s how you’ll get their trust.

You can create it on your own using tools like! Or hire someone to do it for you. And NO. It’s not expensive. Your video doesn’t need to be 4K in the studio. What is important is the VALUE. I started with my phone camera!


  • What is my audience biggest pain point?
  • What I can share with them (for free) to help them with a bit of that? 
  • In what form it will be? .pdf/webinar/audio etc.


Opt-in form is a place where your audience put their email and name and hit SIGN ME UP! button. And the rule is simple… Simplicity is key.

The clear headline and small heading + graphic of your offering and form. That’s all. Once again – You can follow this example of my GUIDE.

You can use different methods for creating opt-in:

I used MailChimp and recently when it was not enough for my biz – Changed to ConvertKit, but otherwise, I’d still stay with MailChimp and LeadPages. All of the above you can use with WordPress, Squarespace, and others. Plugins are free and easy to use. All of them also have step-by-step tutorials to follow.


  • Decide of an eye-catching headline for your opt-in
  • Design a form;
  • Think about CTA button – make it clear! (see some examples below)
  • Decide on software to use


  • Send it to me!
  • Get it now!
  • Sign me up!
  • I’m in!
  • Give it to me!
  • Let me in!
  • Get Instant Access


So I know that when you’re starting you may not have the budget to invest into ads or you just don’t want it (totally can relate!) that’s why I have organic methods for you!


  • You can put the link in your bio;
  • You can create a post about it;
  • Share it on your InstaStories;


  • Share it on groups;
  • Share it on your private profile;
  • Share it on your fan page (background pic + CTA blue button + Post)
  • Your private profile bio;


  • I like to do something called UPGRADED POSTS about which I will tell you more in next blog post – but basically, it is a blog post with a link to your opt-in form inside.

For example – Your freebie is all about time management (free planner), you can write a blog post “4 reasons why you can’t stop procrastinating”  and one of the points could be “Wrong time management!” and here you write all about it and at the end “Here’s something that may help you!” and then post your opt-in!


  • On your website, there should be at least 2 visible places with your freebie offer. Right under the banner and somewhere else – like at the end of the website. But please, make it easy and visible for your audience to get.


  • Put the links in bio;
  • Write a blog post with the upgrade
  • Write a post with my freebie promo;
  • Put opt-in on your website

And that’s all! Hope you enjoyed it and it was helpful for you! Let me know in the comments what are your insights from this blog post! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions – and – if you think someone from your friends may benefit from it – please share it with them!

Remember if you want to more – don’t forget to sign up for the free course!