How to show up online daily without losing your entire time? (And keeping on quality)

How to show up online daily without losing your whole time? (And keeping on quality)

My mantra in life and business is: make it fun. simple. profitable.

And because I believe that beauty itself is in the simplicity. And the same happens to a business and everything we create.

What I always teach my clients is – keep every piece of content that you create no matter if it’s a video, blog post, podcast. Keep them. Save all your live streams. Save all your videos.

Doing that you not only save time but you’re actually creating this go to the library for your clients that they can access whenever they want to.

So today let’s talk about repurposing your content and how to show up every day without using your whole time!

It’s simple, and I want you to start doing it in your business.

As a business owner, you’re using different communication streams to connect with your audience. Nowadays business owners usually use:

  • Two social media profiles;
  • Newsletter
  • YouTube (it’s not a Social Media platform!)



  • All of your previous blog posts, social media posts, from 1 year ago are still up to date if you’re teaching something that it’s not “time-limited”. All your previous podcasts, newsletters – this is your content that you should be using over and over again to show it to people that didn’t have a chance to discover it yet so that in meantime you have the space create new value.


Take a blog post, one blog post usually is 5 sub-headlines. Which means you can take each of them and use it as 5 different social media posts.

Most important parts of your blog you can send in a newsletter and ask people to visit your website, blog or social media.

You can even record your blog post as a podcast to connect with people that love to listen to a podcast or just aren’t that much into reading long blog posts.

Consider how much time you’ll save if you take actions like this daily. Today you publish a blog post with 7 different headliners so that you have 7 days of social media posts and an amazing amount of newsletter messages.

Now take the same blog post or social media post and turn it into quote card. You always say very inspiring words when you record a video or podcast. Then you’ll find one line that people talk about all the time in the comment section. Use this one as your quote card, publish it everywhere.

Use the same quote in newsletters and expand the idea behind this quote. Share more and more.

And you’re done. With one sitting you have at least one week worth of content.

Now – if you want to more (like discovering 4 amazing strategies to create content, streamline, connect with your ideal customers and stick to your schedule, access keyword and idea bank) Click the image below and get your Content to Profit Roadmap now.

I appreciate you

Christian Wynns

How to create an interactive pdf? Add text boxes, checkboxes and more!


Some easy tech today – how to create amazing and interactive .pdf using free tools? Today I have a small video for you showing step-by-step how to do it! Learn how to add text boxes, checkboxes, and make it fun and useful for your audience!

Tools mentioned:



Let me start with saying that copywriting is a skill and you can learn it like any other skill. Sales copy is like telling the story so that your customer can be the hero. The goal with your copy is to take them from challenge to solution. And the written sales isn’t that different in many parts than 1 on 1 sales meeting. 

Every word that we read, within the seconds bring pictures to our mind. You want your clients to be excited about the product, about your offer. You want them to stick until they click that “ENROLL BUTTON”, yeah! 

Let’s jump into the core and get things done!

Starting with the first one, which is I believe one of the most impactful – if used smartly. 


Well, you may ask, what’s wrong with that, right?

Well… nothing if you use it ONLY when:

  • You’re busting myths;
  • You’re showing outdated formulas;
  • You’re showing outdated systems;
  • You’re trying to prove that something isn’t a truth or is a myth


If you have your whole wall of text and your beautiful website designed and you use one of the phrases above you’re saying that UNTIL NOW everything wasn’t true. It’s a very powerful phrase that can change a lot, but you want to be sure that you’re using it in the right place in your sales copy.



“Pay the price” is almost like a sacrifice. It’s like paying for groceries or taxes and not getting your money back. Price is something that has to be paid and you may never get it again. 

Think when we usually use it.

“Sarah is successful as a corporate worker today, she’s one of the best in her team” 

– “Yeah, but what’s the price? No time for herself, right? I wonder when she’ll stop to eat”. 

Nothing positive here. How to replace it?

“The total investment”, “The value of this program…” 

It’s not only great replacement but also brings the value and reminds your client about the benefits that she or he will get when they purchase your offer. Investment is something that they’ll get back – multiplied! And value – is something that they want to bring into their life and business so that they’ll get dream results. 



Oh my! How many times I scream whenever I see this one in the Q&A part… 

To give you a better view: 

QUESTION: “Why is this program BETTER than others?” *facepalm* 

Well… If they’ve watched your webinar and now visited your sales page it means THEY’RE INTERESTED IN YOUR OFFER (somehow). It’s BETTER in their head cause they choose you. 


Reason #1: You don’t want to mention your competitors cause it will stay in your client’s mind unless you want them to go away and buy their products.

Reason #2: You sound pushy, desperate and you’re forcing your followers to make the same conclusions as you do. It’s pushing the borders to far.

Reason #3: If you’re using your competitor’s name in your copy, it’s helping them with SEO + positioning cause their name is posted on websites other than their own, so it’s a sign for search engines “They’re talking about this brand – position them higher”


It’s not about “Why it’s better” change it “Why this program is different?” or even better “What makes this program UNIQUE?”. 

You don’t want to have them in your copy so just take action now!


  • Read the blog post;
  • Check your sales copy & implement the lessons
  • Leave a comment with the major change that you’ve made in your copy

Tips for Overcoming Content Creation Procrastination

Content Creation in the digital era with so many distractions and dreams about showing up on popular blogs list can be overwhelming for many of us. How can we stop the procrastination and get things done? Yep. This is why we are here today! 


Over the years of working on my content and also helping other entrepreneurs and following their thinking and creative process, I’ve observed a couple of “big time” reasons why we tend to procrastinate.

“Perfection is procrastination in a fancy costume” – Jasmine Star

I like to say that you always have a choice. You can create content that matters, converts, connect with your dream audience or you can try to reach perfection.

Spending too much time on shifting the graphics, words, titles or beating yourself for not writing long enough blogs isn’t something that should be part of your daily routine.

Your first couple posts won’t be “perfect”

Your first podcast, video, online course, the launch may not be 100% satisfying for you, but… YOU DID IT.

So the secret lies in our brain and having the belief that what we create is not good enough, that we may be judged based on what we publish. Or is the language you’re using “perfect” enough. This is the root of all surroundings around content creation, publishing or even creating launches for the programs. 

Now, how to deal with them?

Tips for Overcoming Content Creation Procrastination


You can’t eat the sandwich before making it.

What if your truth is different than what everyone else on the market is saying? What’s wrong with that? NOTHING. It’s your way of seeing the market and the world in general.  Erase the belief that if the whole market is saying something – it is 100% ultimate truth.

If you’re saying it because it worked for you, and your clients – then congrats! This is your truth. This is why I also always say DON’T GO TO SOCIAL MEDIA BEFORE CREATING YOUR OWN CONTENT. Cause many times you can find what you were about to publish. Or you may get overwhelmed by looking at all of the content already there, your energy goes down and… you feel like not doing anything at all. This is why you should always invest time FIRST to create, only then to check the social media.


I started to break the pattern right before I started my Course Creation Bootcamp Masterclass. I’ve heard a million times how hard and how expensive are the online courses, that you should only create a digital course when you already have an email list. And I’ve heard that from big names in the industry. I didn’t want to believe in those myths anymore cause I KNEW THAT IT IS DIFFERENT.

And guess what? 

I proved that… you don’t need it all. 

I created a product, training, strategy which is the complete opposite of that. My audience is excited about it more than ever. It’s working so good.

Now my students call me “Mr. Simplifyer” cause they saved time and money, and I made it easy for them. I was the one against the whole market. Still, I win, yo!



The second reason that I see most of the time is not having your foundations laid down. Not knowing who you should speak to and how to speak to THIS specific audience. And of course when we have the challenge to figure out what should be our next step or topic, or what to publish on social media or even what paid offer to create, then well… our energy goes down, right? 

I’m the freak when it comes to finding your ideal customer avatar, and I always invest time to help my students with that, even offering them extra hours during courses and programs to help them reach highest clarity goal. 

The better you know your audience – the better it is for you! Just from a simple question: “What is your audience main struggle” you can find tons of valuable ideas for your free and paid content! 

Invest time to understand your audience. To connect with them, to start showing up more consistently and interact with them, engage with them, listen to their feedback and even start using the words they’re using for a better connection. 



I wish I knew about it faster, to be honest. I think it won’t come as a surprise to you when I say that all your content should make sense and should be bundled into categories and smaller series, right? 

One of our goals in regards to audiences and engaging with them is to educate them how they should interact with us, but it may happen faster when we publish consistently. It’s so important for all of your social media profiles and for your own business to have content in advance.  

When you bundle your content and create small series that you publish each week or monthly or bi-weekly it’s easier for you to organize your whole work, manage yourself in time, bring more value to your clients’ lives but also to educate them when they should be the most active – cause they’ll know, when you’re going to publish something.


Social media algorithms love when people stick to their publishing schedule. And yes, it’s better to publish day by day, but when you’re starting sometimes it’s hard to come up with whole week or month worth of ideas that’s why you should always go for proper schedule.

If you don’t have much content yet, stick to specific days and hours that you’re going to publish your content, but DO NOT use any bots or software. Publish it on your own. 

The engagement is better and so our flow. We’re ready to go, prepared to publish content for our audience, and they know when to expect us. The hype is higher and higher. You’re then also more energized and ready to go, you’ve planned everything, you have the content in advance! – Imagine how good it could feel, right?


If you need more…

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