Questions That EVERY Brand Owner Should Answer

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My coaching background is always major support in my business, especially when I work with my clients during Consulting Sessions.

THE RIGHT QUESTION can be the pulse to open your mind, discover new opportunities. When many years ago I started to learn about sales, business and self-development from Brain Tracy and Blair Singer, there was always a point when they said:

“Ask open questions, it’s not just YES or NO, only open questions can help you understand yourself and your clients”

When you set your goals you answer questions.

If you want to buy something you answer questions.

If you meet someone new you answer questions.

and… when people visit your website, social media profiles and look at your brand in general – they also have to answer some simple-not-so-simple-questions.

Usually, those are:

  1. Do I know what he/she is doing?
  2. Does she/he know about my struggles?
  3. Do they really care about customers?
  4. Is this REAL brand or bots running the company?


You can WISH to have YES answer or you can MAKE IT a POSITIVE ONE.


Every single month find the time, and schedule “CEO DAY”. This is your special moment to think about your business and focus on clarity even more. Here is a set of questions that you should ask yourself every single month as a brand owner.

TIP: Keep your notes from previous month handy, so you’ll be able to see your progress.




  • Who is my Ideal Customer Avatar?

You do really know with who are you working with? How to help them? What are their struggles, where to find them and how to connect with them? (If you have some struggles check this program – DEFINE & ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER AVATAR);


  • What is my Unique Element in business that makes me stand out in the crowded market?

What makes you so unique? What are your clients saying about you? This one is super important for your copy, your sales letters and also for your brand image. You’ll be able to collect feedback from your clients to build a stronger brand and connect with them even better.


  • How my content is going to TEACH, INSPIRE & SALE? Am I ready with weekly valuable content for my audience? Do I treat them as if they were already my paid clients? 

Content is king in your business. You can start making money without an active email list, or millions of followers. It’s all about how much your content resonates with your audience. 40% of your content should inspire, 40% should teach, 20% should sale. If you need to create your content strategy – check out this Free Framework “The Ultimate Content Creator Guide – How To Fill-Full Your Content Calendar & Turn Content To Profit”


  • How much revenue did I generate last month?

  • And then: How much marketing efforts I’ve put to generate it at all? What should I change in my business and actions to get better results? What should I do more of? 

Looking at your business actions you should know from where is your money coming from (or where is the leak). Every single month review what is selling great. And of course, your revenue is based on your marketing efforts, your marketing plan, the way and quality of your content and how much what you create RESONATES with your Ideal Customer Avatar. (Again – clarity! clarity!)


  • If my freebie connected strictly to paid offer?

Sometimes I see that the funnel is a bit confusing for audiences. People are offering a freebie on meditation and end up on selling coaching sessions (no connection). Think of your free offering is leading to your main paid product.


  • Is my Social Media bio clean and simple to understand?

Your bio should explain what you do, for who are you, and how you can help your followers. Make it simple, and easy. Use emojis to make it more visible. Remember about the link and final Call To Action. Tell your followers what to do. It must be step-by-step guide for them. Don’t make your audience think about what they should do. Just tell them about the action that you want them to take.


  • What’s my plan for next week?

Always finish your CEO day with a plan for at least next week. The more predictable are your actions the more predictable are your results. Always keep that in mind.

Get ready with your CEO day, and implement those questions to your process. You’ll be able to see your business and brand from a different perspective. You’ll discover things that you may have not seen before. Those questions are like self business coaching, to open your mind and let your creative juices flow.

Based on the answers you’ll be able to take desired actions and leverage your sales, social exposure and more. The key here is to be CLEAR. CLARITY is your word for next week. Think about, in which areas of your business you should be more specific and defined.

Take action now!