3 InstaStories Ideas When You Don’t Have Time


What’s the secret to staying active even if you don’t have much time?

We all know how it feels to run out of content and sometimes in the rush of work forget about planning.
There are though some things that you can do to stay professional and active on your Instagram Account. 

Today I have 3 ideas that you can use when you don’t have time, but want to remain active online!

p.s. Remember that you can share the story to your Facebook too – which I recommend. 


IDEA #1: Publish the existing post and use CTA

I like to teach my students that the content they create is evergreen. So if you published something yesterday it doesn’t mean it’s outdated today. You can take this post and share it on InstaStories. 

Call To Action Tip: 

Ask a question to wake up your audience curiosity and be sure to ask them to click on your post and read it.

If you missing some ideas for the post be sure to check out this one: 3 MUST-HAVE MONTHLY INSTAGRAM POSTS


IDEA #2: What’s going on now?!

If you want to connect with your audience let them enter your world. Show them what’s going on now. Maybe there’s a big photo shoot coming? Or your computer just said ‘No ma’am” and started updating? 

Just catch the moment. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about progress and connection. You can add a fancy hashtag or funny gif to make this Instastory even more attractive and turn your whole (sometimes) stressful situation to joke that your audience CAN RELATE to! 

It makes them be like: “Oh she/he is like me!” 


IDEA #3: Use QUIZ, POLL or SLIDER Sticker

The reason why I like to use those is, first – I can ask my audience some questions to gain more clarity about their NOW situation, and second – it’s engaging fun and my account gain attention of algorithm, meaning “Oh! They like this account” so your range grows.

Using POLL?

  • ask them “How’s your day so far” and because you have Two options – put some emojis to visually describe the mood, for them to decide. 
  • You can do the same with SLIDER sticker


  • You can ask them about things related to your business or for them to guess what you’re doing, or what’s the next place that you’ll visit;
  • You can also run a small audit asking about their challenges or fav books, movies, magazines and get to know them better 


I’d like to know which idea is for you! Let me know in the comments and if you use any of those – tag me! @ChristianWynns 

See you there 🙂

3 Must Have Monthly Instagram Posts


We don’t want newcomers to miss the best news on our profile. We want them to click that “FOLLOW” button, and stick with us, right? Because of that – there are some posts that you want to have READY every single month to connect with your audience (existing and new one), plus – get some engagement from these posts. Connecting like this is the best way to attract free instagram followers and of course attract new soulmate clients. The easier it is to connect with you – the better.

Let’s dive in into 3 MUST HAVE INSTAGRAM POSTS! 



Sometimes people that visit our profiles not always get there through DISCOVER tab (the first that you see while searching) or from HOME (when you open the app). Sometimes they’re searching for hashtags, sometimes they’re checking out some related photos or going through Instagram stories and then suddenly they find you. 

You want to make sure that when they enter your profile – they’ll be able to fully understand who you are. This is why “ABOUT ME” post is really important.

But this is not just a simple “Hello! I’m Christian and I like Chai Latte in Starbucks”. It’s about deeper, and a meaningful introduction. After reading the caption they should understand WHO YOU ARE, and WHAT YOU DO, and I’ll give you some examples of how to do it! And this is also your moment to CALL THEM TO ACTION. For example, sign up for your freebie, resources library, etc. Need examples? I have something for ya!


  • You always want to be sure to use your picture (selfie or photoshoot) with “ABOUT ME” 
  • Always think about the action that you want your audience to take (like sign up for your newsletter, introduce themselves in comments)

Check out this free .pdf that I created for you with examples and pictures pack that you can use with your next MUST HAVE posts, yup! Use templates as copy & paste or fill in the blanks!

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Because for us it’s all about the valuable connections. Most of the time, when we’re working with or for our clients, we enter their world. This time we want to make it the other way. We want our audience to enter our world. 

Behind the scenes breaks the chain of promo posts and helps us connect with existing and new audience even better. You can not only use it to show the reality behind the scenes of your business but also give your followers some valuable information and also it’s again perfect opportunity to call them to action.

Like this one: 

I shared my insights + behind the scenes of what’s going on in my office! As you can see this post is really short and simple but… The amount of feedback and messages that I received, and the amazing chats that I have later… just wow! Keep it simple!

And here’s another example from my friend Crystalyn profile. (@crystalynaucoinjewelry)

You want to keep it professional but simple and joyful at the same time. Also in regards to this post – you can ask your followers some questions! If you said a funny story – why not ask them: “Yo! Can you relate to that? Let me know in the comments” 


  • Share something that’s REALLY behind the scenes, like your office, desk or even you working;
  • Be sure to CALL TO ACTION! Connect & engage with followers, ask them questions. The more you use CTA (but not too pushy) the faster your audience will learn how to interact with you!
  • Behind the scenes can be also a part of what’s going on in your life, business or even can be used as your upcoming promo/product/service teaser! Think about the creative way how you can use it.


PERSONAL INSIGHTS – You ultimate connector. 

I like to explain this one as: “Imagine that you can spend a day with your mentor or see a part of their life – or any other person that you trust or follow and you’re interested in their life – even a bit, cause you see them doing great business daily”. 

Every single month you should find a time to post a personal insight – no matter if it’s in your Instagram stories or your feed. This is a must-have if you want your audience to connect with you even more. They won’t see only promo posts on your profile or education, but also something personal. This is an amazing way to show your audience who you really are. And if you share a story – boom! Stories connect even faster. 

Think about what you and your audience may have in common? Maybe you have a part of the story that is also your WHY in business? Or you had a major breakthrough that shaped who you are today? Think about all of those things and share them with your audience.

I used this one to share my “go-to-bad-day-cure” and also bust some myths around the mindset. I also received many private messages from digital entrepreneurs that struggle with that – but had no one to talk to. Some of them became my Mindset Coaching clients!


  • It’s nice to share a picture of you (even from past if you’re telling a story) or a place or “moment” something that can be symbolic to what you’re sharing. Quote cards are also nice!
  • It’s good to put them as heroes of the story – share emotions, and let your followers connect with what you’ve been through
  • Make sure that this is something that they can relate to; This way it’s much easier for them to interact with you!


If you want to grow & get better range, be sure to check out this blog post about HOW TO FIND PERFECT HASHTAGS.


So these are the posts – MUST HAVE once and again download your free graphic & caption pack that you can use whenever on your social media profiles! Just fill in the blanks 🙂 

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