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Finest Coaching Methodology Based on how our
 brain works to deliver best transformation and results for my clients.

Feeling Stuck? Feeling like you’re hitting a glass wall and you don’t know why?

I totally get it. After years of working I also had to pass major blocks, false beliefs and even hidden traumas that we usually never consider. This is why after years of working, feedback, research and personal growth I connected coaching method with the way our brain works. 

Neurocoaching is fully designed on the way your brain works. This is why one session can change a lot, and can deliver TRUE a breakthrough


  • It’s the SYSTEM I used on more than 10.000 entrepreneurs and individuals during my workshops, trainings and courses, so that the learning process is ultra efficient;
  • We develop real transformation during call. I don’t follow theory, I only follow what’s working and focus on action. 
  • Everything is tailored for you. This is your time. Your breakthrough. Your goals.
  • There’s no catch. I’ll explain the whole system and what we will do during our call so that even after we’re finished you can use tools, exercises and all the other stuff for your self-work.

Because the tools are based on YOUR brain technology it’s much easier for us to get to the core root of your challenge. 

Remember. It’s fine if this is your first time, and you have no idea what’s going on. 

This will be such of a positive surprise for you, when you discover this powerful tool.

Now… This is your time, this is your decision and this is your coaching session. 

Let’s dive in to the most powerful structures, tools and strategies that are based on research and our brain. Together we will crack the mental blocks, roadblocks, discover false beliefs and make you un-stuck.


Here’s what is included in private coaching one on one:

  • 1 x 90-min sessions 
  • Online Welcome Pack
  • 30-min orientation session
  • 30-min follow-up session
  • Email/Slack Support
  • Call recoded for you and delivered straight into your inbox!


  • The main thing on the table is: This system and coaching type give you better control over your feelings, beliefs, emotions and understanding in area of your own mental system. 
  • All of the details, exercises and tools we will use during your call, you can use for self-coaching process after we’re done. GOAL IS: You’ll learn how to do it so you don’t need to be depended on coach all the time.
  • If you can’t decide or don’t know what’s the main topic you want to work on – it’s all okay, this is why before we start our call you’ll receive a bonus 30 minutes orientation call so that I can help you find what’s the best topic to cover during call. 

We will work on topic of your choice.
 If that’s your first time, these are the areas
 that Clients love to work on the most:


– Cracking negative belief patterns and designing new ways of thinking on neuro-level so that they can see the transformation not only in the way they think but also in the way they take action and live their life;

– Shifting their habits and taking care of their health;

– Better management over their emotions and thinking

– Business growth;

– Self-Care / Self-Love / Self-Acceptance, realising negative patterns on emotional & mental level

– Developing the feeling of commitment; 

– Weight Loss

– Confidence 

– Goal setting & achievements;

– Self Discovery

– Creativity

– and more…



Schedule a Coaching Call

Take action and schedule your call now!

Right after investment you’ll receive an email with step-by-step instruction and link where you can select perfect date and time for our coaching call and orientation call. 

I’ll send you notification that you’re all set and done and of course I’ll remind you about the call 48 hour before. We will connect using ZOOM (microphone is enough, camera is not necessary).

INVESTMENT IN ONE SESSION IS €149 for 90 minutes call, but I want you to be SURE that this is something for you. This is why I’m offering you 25 minutes free session (laser coaching session). No strings attached. Test it! 

After all – you’ll name the value of your transformation.

Everything in nutshell:


Christian is not only a professional coach, but wise and experienced person who use his knowledge to show other people how unlock their true potential.

For almost a year I’ve been working with Christian on self-development, time organisation and effectiveness. He’s hardworking and devoted leader with a strategic look on business matters. I’m glad I had a pleasure to meet him and attend his training classes, I look forward to our future cooperation and projects.

Barbara Wyrowinska, artist & building engineer

Amazingly experienced and well prepared coach with a great skill to listen and mission to help others. I must admit that the session was indeed eye opening. I was looking forward to learn about The System. His bonuses, teaching and the way he speaks and takes care of you, when you’re the client, is one in a kind. Whenever we work together a have a feeling that I’m in some kind of “Palace”. Amazing experience.


Christopher C.P.

My goal during our coaching program was to develop strong mindset and finally stop eating-over my emotions. Christian’s system is something that allowed me to see a great difference after one coaching call. I was amazed that the results are not temporary but permanent. It’s been 4 months after our coaching call when I’m writing this testimonial and I never went into overeating ever again.

Catherine P.

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