Content Creation Session

Let’s create the content that your audience desires! This session is dedicated to everyone who needs a proven strategy and guidance when it comes to creating the best quality content for their business, blog and market.

If you want to learn how to turn your content to profit, how to re-purpose all of the pieces of existing content and attract new audiences to your biz, and how to make content creation not eat-up all of your time – this session is for you.





This Session Is For You If...

  • You want to stop thinking what to post, struggling to come up with great ideas, headlines and ways to connect with your audience;
  • You want to create quality content that also brings your profit;
  • You’re tired of “What should I publish today…” and want to connect with your ideal customers;
  • You want to save-up time, learn how to re-purpose your content and keep active on social platform;
  • You want to stand out on the crowded market with your content and quality;
  • And finally! You want to feel ease and fun while creating content cause you need framework, strategy and support

Every Sessions Includes:

Clarification Part

So that we will make sure we're targeting right kind of audience, and it gives us massive clarity over what kind of content we should create.

Materials To Work With

I prepared High-Quality interactive tools and materials that we will use during this sessions to keep everything streamlined and organized.

Recording Of Your Call

So that you can later re-use the teaching, strategies and training from the call whenever you feel like it!

You'll achieve your Content Creation Goal and as bonus from me:

  • I’ll help you with clarifying your Ideal Customer Avatar and laying down your niche, so you’ll never struggle with content creation for them again;
  • Show you how to ALWAYS find the best ideas, and inspirations for your content;
  • Help you fill at least 30 days of your Editorial Calendar and prepare publishing strategy;
  • Mastermind ideas for your Social Media Posts;
  • Create your bespoke system to re-purpose every piece of content that you’ll create and already have, so that you’ll save up hours of time and energy + keep on quality and being visible all the time.

How It All Works?

After Investment
You'll receive short form to save us time, and I'll be prepared for the call even better. After the form, you'll see the calendar to choose the best date and hour for our call.
Our Call
You'll receive email with Zoom Link to join the 1on1 call. You don't need camera, just microphone, you can do it on your phone too! 10 minutes before the call you'll receive email with bonus materials.
After Call
You'll receive Thank You gift, your recording, bonus materials to use during your content creation. 7 days later I'll invite you to 15 minutes check-up call to see how's the working going!


  • Each call is from 60-90 minutes long, but don’t worry. I don’t have timer – If we need extra time – no problem! It’s free of charge and I won’t stop us.
  • You get bonus interactive and printable materials in welcome pack + recording after our call;
  • 15 Minutes Complimentary Check-Up Call (7 days after session)

Select The Best Variant For You:


97(inc. Tax)

($108 - USD)

Content Creation Call
Recording of The Call
Bonus Materials (printable and .pdfs)
15 Minutes Follow-Up Call 7 days after


121 (inc. Tax)

($135 - USD)

Content Creation Call
Recording of The Call
Bonus Materials (printable and .pdfs)
15 Minutes Follow-Up Call 7 days after
Content To Profit Accelerator Online Course ($147 valued)
Discover & Attract Your ICA Online Course ($47 Valued)
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