Ep. 11 – Become A Better Problem Solver

Problem-solving is also a skill and my goal today is to tell you all the necessary things you need to understand in order to develop this amazing skill.  Today I want to take a moment and speak about problem-solving and give you a step-by-step method that will work for the most impatient person that you can possibly imagine – if they simply follow the steps.

Not only I’m going to present you great examples but a whole framework that you can follow whenever you feel like being stuck in a very challenging situation. It will help you see the REAL core issue, not only the emotional curtain that we usually see when something that is out of our control happens.


  • Calm down your emotions – even just a bit, so that you can think straight; 

Take a deep breath, listen to calm sounds. You don’t need to be super calm but take the first emotional layer down.

  • Shift the thinking pattern, cut negative streams and go for positive;

Decide on new positive thought. Any thought that brings your joy, positive sensation in the body. No matter what is the vision, image thought, belief – turn it to positive. Sometimes it’s just the opposite of what you were thinking during the “Problem is HUGE phase”

  • Focus on THE CORE of the challenge;

What’s the real issue here? Face it. Don’t run away. What is the problem or consequence that you’re most anxious, scared about or angry at? What is the REAL core issue here?

  • Decide on the first step to solving the CORE;

Think about even the smallest step. I’m not asking you to solve the whole problem at once. It just won’t work.

  • Only after you’re done the first step – think about other steps;

You can create a whole action plan, step-by-step.

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