Ep #12 – How To Stop Being Drained By Others?

Have you ever felt the energy going down after spending time with someone? You felt like they just drained the whole energy that you had?

Today’s podcast episode is 100% how to solve this issue without breaking any relationships. I want to give you a great tip and thing that you can do with every person that’s draining the energy from you and even with your friends, family, relationships when you’re asked uncomfortable questions, feel bad, embarrassed and more. You’ll get much more of a confidence and much more of self-love right after this. We will also talk about how to manage your boundaries when it comes event, workspace and business relationship and situations and how to prevent being drained by life events.

Learn how to:

  • Set healthy boundaries and what they are;
  • What’s the golden formula to save a toxic and energy-draining relationship from falling apart;
  • How to stop begging crushed by life happenings when we’re drained?
  • How to in a very assertive way talk about your expectations and get them?

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