Discover your own self-care (cause it’s important that you’ll know what is working for you)

Let’s talk self-care – your self-care. I want to begin with this topic because it’s so important that you understand what is working for you and what is not. There are so many tips and greats things that you can do daily to care about your mind, body and soul, that you have to decide. You have to decide based on your needs, vibe and schedule.

And remember – doors are always open, whenever you feel like implementing something new – just do it. I’m going to share prompts now. Those will help you diagnose in which area of your life you should focus on self-care. Answer them – all of them, this time I’ll ask you do it on paper or on your phone, whenever, but please – not just in your head.

Use these prompts and answer them now:

  1. When I feel about my ideal self-care day, without any stress or tension or work to do… What do I feel and how I feel? How does my body feel? What’s the state of my mind?
  2. How happy I am with the quality of my thoughts? With what am I happy? Is there something that I could change to make it even better?
  3. How is my work/life balance? Do I feel that I’m done with the work after I’m finished or it’s like I’m working all the time? How do I feel about it? Do I need to keep my balance a bit more on track?
  4. What does my body need to feel better? – (Pay attention to all the thoughts and sentences in your head.)
  5. What does my soul/spirit/mind need to feel better?
  6. When do I think about my life right & my free time, quality time, what is my deepest need?


You’ll probably find many answers like: Sleep, better food, movement, relax, relief, meditation, being outside more.
Whenever you feel like those are too general, get deeper:

“What does it mean for me to sleep more?” – is it like 2 hours more?

“What does it mean I should eat better food?” – does it mean I should stop eating fast foods for breakfast?

“What does it mean I need more movement?” – Should I go to gym, walk, run?


Get into details so that you’ll have your implementation plan ready. You’ll know what to do.

After you’re done with all of the questions, journaling and answers.


Review them and follow this simple exercise:

  1. Create your weekly plan for your self-care. Write down all the things you’re willing to implement. When you will do it, time, day. And stick to your schedule.

TIP: Think about self-care day or self-care time during a specific day. It doesn’t have to be 24 hours if you don’t have that much time to spend on your habits yet, but find at least some period of time that you can fully be present on your self-care when you can relax and just care about your life. It’s a moment for you.

Found something interesting? Share that in the comments – I can’t wait to see your self-care plans!

See you next Friday!

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