How to show up online daily without losing your entire time? (And keeping on quality)

My mantra in life and business is: make it fun. simple. profitable.

And because I believe that beauty itself is in the simplicity. And the same happens to a business and everything we create.

What I always teach my clients is – keep every piece of content that you create no matter if it’s a video, blog post, podcast. Keep them. Save all your live streams. Save all your videos.

Doing that you not only save time but you’re actually creating this go to the library for your clients that they can access whenever they want to.

So today let’s talk about repurposing your content and how to show up every day without using your whole time!

It’s simple, and I want you to start doing it in your business.

As a business owner, you’re using different communication streams to connect with your audience. Nowadays business owners usually use:

  • Two social media profiles;
  • Newsletter
  • YouTube (it’s not a Social Media platform!)



  • All of your previous blog posts, social media posts, from 1 year ago are still up to date if you’re teaching something that it’s not “time-limited”. All your previous podcasts, newsletters – this is your content that you should be using over and over again to show it to people that didn’t have a chance to discover it yet so that in meantime you have the space create new value.


Take a blog post, one blog post usually is 5 sub-headlines. Which means you can take each of them and use it as 5 different social media posts.

Most important parts of your blog you can send in a newsletter and ask people to visit your website, blog or social media.

You can even record your blog post as a podcast to connect with people that love to listen to a podcast or just aren’t that much into reading long blog posts.

Consider how much time you’ll save if you take actions like this daily. Today you publish a blog post with 7 different headliners so that you have 7 days of social media posts and an amazing amount of newsletter messages.

Now take the same blog post or social media post and turn it into quote card. You always say very inspiring words when you record a video or podcast. Then you’ll find one line that people talk about all the time in the comment section. Use this one as your quote card, publish it everywhere.

Use the same quote in newsletters and expand the idea behind this quote. Share more and more.

And you’re done. With one sitting you have at least one week worth of content.

Now – if you want to more (like discovering 4 amazing strategies to create content, streamline, connect with your ideal customers and stick to your schedule, access keyword and idea bank) Click the image below and get your Content to Profit Roadmap now.

I appreciate you

Christian Wynns

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