The last course that you need to discover your Ideal Customer Avatar and learn the most effective ways and fresh strategies in 2019 and beyond to connect with them, and get your brand ready to attract people that want to work with you.

Wouldn't it be much easier to run a business if you knew how to attract your dream clients, where to find them and how to approach with the content and offers that they desire?

Get instant access to this step-by-step online program and follow the most powerful strategies to discover your ideal customers and connect with them in the next step.

This Course is a Complete breakdown of all of the strategies that you need to define your Ideal Customer Avatar, get your website and social media profiles laser targeted to attract people that you want to work with.



Your Ultimate Guide and Training To Clarity Your Business and Lay Down MOST IMPORTANT Success Foundations.

“How to find my ICA? How to lay down my niche? Okay… and how to connect with them? How to attract right people to my biz?” – Those are the questions that I get asked all the time. To answer all of them, and more than that, – I recorded this training for you.

My goal is to teach you not only how to define ICA but also to show you what to do if you want to attract them to your biz.

Say no more to “What kind of content to prepare” and the confusion in discovering how to connect with people that want to pay you. Define it TODAY.

This Step-By-Step online training is the answer to all of your questions, and challenges when it comes to your ideal customer avatar, and the ways of connecting with them.


This is for you if...

If you want to attract right kind of people to your biz

You want to stop wasting time on building your business and creating your content without the clarity, and make sure that your efforts will pay off and right kind of clients will discover your work, and want to work with you.

You want to know what to do, and how to connect with dream clients

You want to speak their language and when they visit your website, blog, social media and paid offerings you want them to be "Omg! He/She is talking to me!

You want achieve a massive clarity on who do you want to work with

By better understanding their true needs and coming up with the solutions that your ICA truly desires so that you can leverage your sales.

Here's what you get inside:


- Membership platform with HD course (videos + keynotes step-by-step)
- Welcome bonus
- Q&A Section
- Guarantee Form


- 5 lessons with all the future updates;
- Cheatsheet to create your unique business message + Workbook
- Q&A section to ask questions if you need;
- Welcome gift! 😉


- Fully interactive workbook with ALL THE THINGS and QUESTIONS that you need to have to understand your Ideal Customer, where to find & how to connect with them.

This course is a collection of the best working strategies that I’ve been using over years in my business and to teach my students and clients. 

Your satisfaction is really important for me, and so are your results. If you finish this course within 14 days (and usually it takes up to 4 days only for those who procrastinate) I’ll give you €160 worth consulting session, 60 minutes 1 on 1 with me. 

The topic of your session is all up to you. This is a limited time Guarantee, and you’ll receive it just for finishing the course. It’s all to help you get the best results, and take your biz to the next level. 


What you'll achieve by the end of this training?

  • You’ll have massive clarity over your ideal customer avatar, exact needs, dreams, fears and desires, and you’ll exactly know what’s their challenge and what kind of offering will be the best for them. 
  • You’ll have a step-by-step strategy where to find your ideal customer, my framework how to connect with them using social media, how to turn visitors to followers and followers to clients; 
  • You’ll have your fresh bio and social media profiles ready to attract people that want to work with you, with your whole branding and new, fresh bio and fully optimized profile for 2019/2020 algorithm.
  • Your website elements ready to catch the attention of potential clients, and followers to stick with you longer, cause they’ll find what’s really important for them;
  • You’ll have your fresh offerings ready and copywriting that will make them stop scrolling, and finally see your sales page, social media, and website!


I'll be your mentor!

Heya! I’m Christian Wynns and I’m a Growth Coach for Digital Business Owners.

My journey started 11 years ago with my small photography blog. It was during my depression recovery process. I was looking for a place to start sharing my experience and connecting with like-minded people. I started to learn about digital marketing, social media and discovered webinars.

I’ve been growing my online business ever since and today years of working and showing up online I taught more than 10.000 entrepreneurs worldwide using my coaching programs, online courses and workshops! I sold out my first book “Habits of Success: Secrets of Self-Time Management” that soon will be published again!

And my passion is teaching. I teach how to turn followers to customers, content to profit and ideas to services + business. I can’t wait to dive deep with you inside the list building process!

See just a sneak-peek of what you'll inside the lessons:

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