Fall is an amazing time to expand your business. Not only Black Friday or Cyber Monday are coming, but it’s also a great moment for all of the business owners to leverage their sales. I bring you some ideas about what you can post THIS fall to leverage your sales and make your feed interesting! 


What 5 things you can post this fall?


  • Get ready with your Fall Social Media Theme

Start with introducing new season (also in sales) to your audience by changing your theme. It doesn’t have to be a whole month. It can be a week, but your goal is to show that this time is special.

You can use sites like canva.com to get ready with your graphics and pictures and then get ready with your theme. 


For graphics use PEXELS.COM or UNSPLASH.COM 

It gives your brand this exclusive weekly appearance that will be much different than your branding can be a great sign for your audience that something is going on around your brand.


  • Your Special FLASH OFFER. 

Time to give your audience something extra! Bring them irresistible discount or bonus that they can get only during fall time. Think about your sales strategy. Sales are the time when we can talk about DISCOUNTS and PROMOS. 

Ideas for you, how your graphics can look like:



Create 5 days free series to introduce your audience to the paid product. Use these challenges to teach and inspire your audience. Share valuable tips and strategies. At the end of every video offer them signing up to your strategy call and then close the sale! 

You can also use those as a pre-sale. 4 Videos to educate and inspire, 5th video to pitch your offer! 

Make this series FALL EXCLUSIVE! 


  • Graphics with Coupons and Sales 

You have an easy way to pitch your products and attract more clients to your business with bonuses and extra offers. You can design amazing graphics and use them on your social media profiles. Ideas for your flash sales and promos:

  • Discount Code;
  • Gift Card; 
  • Buy TWO Get ONE Free;


  • Quotes & Inspirational Posts

Don’t get me wrong! Sales are AMAZING, and a HUGE part of our businesses, but you should never the ONLY SALE. If you want to attract more viewers to visit your profile and become your followers and then clients you need 3 types of content:

  • 40% inspiring
  • 40% educational
  • 20% of sales 

Quote cards are amazing examples of how you can easily enhance your profile with not only beautiful designs but also by inspiring your audience. Remember: Facts Tell. Stories SELL. 

Quote cards inspiration:



Your goal is to make your audience RELATE to… when they see quotes, stories, case studies and videos with the events, tales and other, that they can connect with, you gain their trust, and interest! 



  • Take your calendar and schedule from 7 to 14 days to for your “Fall-Time” and be sure to have at least 7 days to prepare everything before starting any promo;
  • Consider all the bonuses, giveaways, promos that you can offer to your audience;
  • Write down 5-10 ideas for content that you can share (stories, videos, posts, blogs)
  • Think of what you’ll be promoting and how!


Now! Tell me in comments, which one you’ll be using this fall?

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